Saturday, December 19, 2009

Gangstas - Generation II

Who Knew?!?!

Who knew that filling the dog's water dish was so splashy that it required special equipment to get the job done right?

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Chiawana High School Cheer Camp

Our best friends daughter is a freshman a the new high school in Pasco - Chiawana. She is on the cheer squad and invited our kids to participate in their cheer camp fundraiser. Even the boys went and they had a great time. They practiced for a few hours in the morning, then came back to the school to perform at the boys varsity basketball game halftime. Here are the kids (Andrews head!) waiting in the bleachers:
Andrew with his stunt partner - Hailey:

Jessica & Andrew

Andrew's "stunt" - the pre-K kids did a cheer while sitting on the girls' shoulders - Andrew and Hailey are 3rd from the left.

Nat's cheer - she is to the right on the girl in white pants.

Kaylee & Colten's cheer - Kaylee on the right in gray pants and Colten is in the middle back doing a stunt with Jessica & Courtney.

The kids all had such a great day! Thanks to the Chiawana Cheerleaders and their coaches for a job well done!