Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Sarah!

So, I totally spaced getting this video posted on my sister's 29th (again) birthday, but I did have my kids sing to her. It was soooo funny that I had to share it with all of you. Notice Andrew (as usual) not looking at the camera and only half singing along. Check out http://jackandjillofalltrades.blogspot.com/2009/01/prophet-said-to-plant-garden.html to see more of Andrews singing in action. Kaylee is also funny to watch because she is not really singing. She is lip syncing and not doing a very good job at it either. Thank goodness Nat & Colten carried the rest of them! Cha Cha Cha - Oo La La!

Brenden's Track Meet

On Thursday, April 23, we drove to Hermiston for my nephew's jr. high track meet. It was mostly sunny, but windy and cold. We had a good time getting to see all Brendens events and visiting him and his friends. Here are the kids with their cousin!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Layout

I've made a new layout for our blog (yay!) and with that change came the loss of some of my links . . waaaaaaahhhhhh. So, if I had your blog or website listed and it is no longer there, please leave me a comment so that I can find you again! Thanks ~ Stace Ü

Everyone needs a big brother

Everyone needs a big brother. Sometimes they pick on you, or tease you, or eat your dessert, but when it really counts they are there for you all the way. Colten is no exception to these big brother rules and today was one of those "there when you need 'em" days. Today Colten removed the training wheels from Andrews bicycle and taught him how to ride it! Andrew learned it so quickly! He's taken just a few spills, and as of this posting only has 1 bandaid on.

My baby is growing up too quickly :(

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What's her name? (yet another Andrew funny)

These 2 people are some of our family's favorite people. They are our best friend Coren's parents- Chuck and Lea. We have known them for almost 4 years and have done TONS of stuff with them. We went to Disneyland and Las Vegas with them, had holidays with them, birthdays, summer bbq's. . . just about every activity we've done with them. They are really a ton of fun and we love them lots!!
Now that you have the background of how well we know them - here's Andrews funny:
Andrew and Kaylee got to go to the movies with Coren, John, their daughter Jessica and Chuck and Lea. Here's him telling Colten about this ( I was in the room with them):

Andrew: Colten - we got to go to Race to Witch Mountain.

Colten: What's that?

Andrew: You know - the movie. We went with John and Coren and Jessie and Grandpa Chuck . . . and . . . Mom? what's Grandpa Chuck's honey's name?

OMIGOSH sooo funny! Like Lea is his girlfriend or something - not his wife of 40 years!

Our Spring break

For most children, Spring Break means a week off of school. Time to play, sleep in, watch TV, play video games, or travel to some distant relatives for a week of relaxation and fun. Not so at the Gray household. I make my kids work 'round here! Here they are cleaning the kitchen table and chairs. They should be doing this task anyways right? I mean, I'm not the one who puts my sticky hands on the seats, or spills ketchup/maple syrup/milk on every surface in the kitchen anyways, right??
Oh, let's not forget the refrigerator grill! That is one nasty place!

DISCLAIMER: No children were harmed in the making of this post. They only worked for about 10 minutes then ran off to their various other fun Spring Break activities. We played outside, went to movies, some went to Grandmas. All in all they had a great week - these were just the only pics I took!