Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Layout

I've made a new layout for our blog (yay!) and with that change came the loss of some of my links . . waaaaaaahhhhhh. So, if I had your blog or website listed and it is no longer there, please leave me a comment so that I can find you again! Thanks ~ Stace Ü


Arlene said...

I loooooove the monkeys!!!!! I have been dragging all day after our late night last night. You shouldn't keep me up so late.

Dawn said...

I seen my link on here, so I know you have me! Andrew IS growing up too fast. Cant believe it. i seen Nat at dance the other night when I was coming out of the gym and had to look twice. WOW! Is there miracle grow in your water out there????

Brooke said...

hey! I am talking to my mom and she said you wanted permission to our blog. she said your email is and if it isnt correct let me know!