Friday, October 23, 2009

Pre-school Halloween

The Kiddie Korner preschool kids had an open house where they wore their Halloween costumes and sang some songs. They all were sooo cute! I had videoed Andrew on stage, but the next morning we discovered that I had taped the wrong Batman! OOPS! It seemed to be the most popular costume this year as there were about 8 of them in the bunch. So much for my being able to pick my own kid out of a crowd. Wonder how I would do as a police witness and a line-up?!? LOL
This is Andrew with his AWESOME teacher, Liz Elliot.The KK kids also went out toYellow Rose Nursery for a haunted forest, a "hay ride", games and a plant in a pumpkin activity. We invited out friend Ethan to join the trip.

The "hay ride" - Ha Ha Ha!

Andrew tossing gourds . . .