Friday, May 29, 2009

Kaylee's Birthday

Kaylee is 12! Can't believe that my oldest girl is 12. She has grown up so much in the past year. She now gets to go to Young Womens! She is loving it so far and I'm sure she always will.
Here she is at the party we had for her with the extended family.

And here is the fire that we had to roast marshmallows on for her Campout party with her 2 best friends - Hanna and Brinnley. I'm so thankful that Kaylee has such good friends like these 2 sweet girls. They have had so much fun together over the past year. I love seeing them together and it's also a bonus that their parents are awesome and fun to hang out with as well!

This picture was taken while Brinnley (in the red) was teaching them a fun campfire song.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Time to do laundry . . . OR wacky day at school . . . you decide!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jazz Dance Recital

This spring the girls starting taking Jazz Dance from Prosser Dance Academy. The teacher, Amanda Bishop, is sooo much fun! The girls have had a blast and can't wait to start up classes again this fall. Natalie even chose it over soccer this year! They had their first recital on Saturday, May 23. Kaylee danced in 3 numbers and Natalie in 2.
Here are my sweet girls all dolled up. They look sooo grown up!

Natalie has a super short A-line haircut and the teacher wanted them all to have slicked back low ponytails. The result on Natalie is tons of gel and hairspray and alook that is much like these gals -

Here are Kaylee and her 2 best friends - Hanna Peters & Brinnley Ashton. silly girls!

This last one is of all the girls who are attending jazz classes. They range in age from 3 to 13.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Butterfly Release Day

At Colten's school, the kinders have been "raising" butterflies in their classrooms. After the butterflies have emerged they have a release party. It was yesterday. The kids all made their own headbands to look like a butterfly. As we were waiting to go outside to the park I heard Mrs. Childers (Colten's teacher ) say to one of the kids . . " Don't pull on your proboscus!" I thought to myself " Self . . what the heck is a proboscus?" Then I looked at the kid who was pulling his proboscus and figured out that it's the curled up brown thing on the front of their headbands. Colten explained it all to me later that it's how the butterfly's smell and other such features. It was then that I realized that my kinder is smarter than me. He has vast knowledge of a butterfly's life span, how to spike his own hair and knows how to re-attach the chain on his bike. I, on the other hand, can drive the lawmower. That must put me at least 5 points ahead . . right? Yeah, I'm not convinced either.

Here's my cutie:
I snuck into this picture with him!
We also had a lovely cake. It was HUGE. With lots of thick yummy frosting. This is an extreme close-up of the cake. (hehehe Laura's camera was on zoom!)

Me after cutting the cake into 80+ little pieces and serving them on the kids' plates with only a fork and my fingers for utensils. (At least we had a knife to cut it though!)

Oh and I let my friend Kari help with the cake too. Just kidding - she's the one who called me!

Mmmmmm that frosting was YUMMY!!!!

** Special thanks to Laura Ripplinger for the pictures. Apparently I only remember my camera when tragedy strikes - like when your friends son takes a header over the top of his handlebars. Check out the Clifford's blog to see Ethan's big fun day yesterday!