Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jazz Dance Recital

This spring the girls starting taking Jazz Dance from Prosser Dance Academy. The teacher, Amanda Bishop, is sooo much fun! The girls have had a blast and can't wait to start up classes again this fall. Natalie even chose it over soccer this year! They had their first recital on Saturday, May 23. Kaylee danced in 3 numbers and Natalie in 2.
Here are my sweet girls all dolled up. They look sooo grown up!

Natalie has a super short A-line haircut and the teacher wanted them all to have slicked back low ponytails. The result on Natalie is tons of gel and hairspray and alook that is much like these gals -

Here are Kaylee and her 2 best friends - Hanna Peters & Brinnley Ashton. silly girls!

This last one is of all the girls who are attending jazz classes. They range in age from 3 to 13.