Friday, May 29, 2009

Kaylee's Birthday

Kaylee is 12! Can't believe that my oldest girl is 12. She has grown up so much in the past year. She now gets to go to Young Womens! She is loving it so far and I'm sure she always will.
Here she is at the party we had for her with the extended family.

And here is the fire that we had to roast marshmallows on for her Campout party with her 2 best friends - Hanna and Brinnley. I'm so thankful that Kaylee has such good friends like these 2 sweet girls. They have had so much fun together over the past year. I love seeing them together and it's also a bonus that their parents are awesome and fun to hang out with as well!

This picture was taken while Brinnley (in the red) was teaching them a fun campfire song.


To Life said...

We love Kaylee! She's such a great girl! Finally, Hanna gets to be in the same school with her! We still have a b-day present for her!

Arianne said...

Happy B-Day to Kaylee, we sure will miss you in Ach. Days!!! But we know that you will love YW! You are a wonderful young lady, and I loved working with you!!