Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What's her name? (yet another Andrew funny)

These 2 people are some of our family's favorite people. They are our best friend Coren's parents- Chuck and Lea. We have known them for almost 4 years and have done TONS of stuff with them. We went to Disneyland and Las Vegas with them, had holidays with them, birthdays, summer bbq's. . . just about every activity we've done with them. They are really a ton of fun and we love them lots!!
Now that you have the background of how well we know them - here's Andrews funny:
Andrew and Kaylee got to go to the movies with Coren, John, their daughter Jessica and Chuck and Lea. Here's him telling Colten about this ( I was in the room with them):

Andrew: Colten - we got to go to Race to Witch Mountain.

Colten: What's that?

Andrew: You know - the movie. We went with John and Coren and Jessie and Grandpa Chuck . . . and . . . Mom? what's Grandpa Chuck's honey's name?

OMIGOSH sooo funny! Like Lea is his girlfriend or something - not his wife of 40 years!


Teresa said...

I love you Andrew, you make me laugh!

Arlene said...

Kids say the darndest things. You'll be glad you wrote that down.

Dawn said...

that IS funny. What a card!