Saturday, November 15, 2008


On Friday nights 'round here we have Family Movie Night. We make appetizers for dinner and all watch a movie together. Rarely does a Friday go by without a movie night and if it does, boy do the kids give me the third degree about why it didn't happen. Anyways . . we watched the movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles last week and this is what my boys wore for the rest of the weekend . . . Andrew with Kaylee's book cover on his head and a broken piece of the bunk bed is Donatello.
Colten with a belt from Kaylee's skirt tied around his forehead and hot wheels tracks stuck in his shirt is Leonardo.

How creative is that?!?!?
I'm pretty sure that Kaylee was dressed as Raphael and Natalie was Michaelangelo, but they would not let me take their pics. I think they knew I would blog it!


Jonathan and Cheri said...

LAUGHING at Coltens swords in his back shirt! And hilarious that Kaylee & Nat wouldn't allow you to photograph them!! Very creative headband too Andrew =)