Friday, May 30, 2008

Need title for this picture

So . . . . these are the grotesque lovely outfits my boys had on this morning. These are not unusual outfits for them . . just thought it was a little strange that it's 80 degrees outside and they wanted to wear their snowpants. But hey I'm a lazy laidback kinda mom so I let them choose their own clothes. Gotta give them the freedom to express themselves, right?? Here's my dilema . . I have several different titles for this picture, tell me which one you think is the best . . .
1. Suspects Apprehended in Ski Shop Theft
2. Someone Call the Fashion Police!
3. Where are Stacy & Clinton when you need them?
By the way ... I had found them in the car in these getups and they told me to quick get in cuz the cops were after them! Too cute!!!


Hunsakers said...

I didn't know you had a blog! I was happy to find it on Sunny's! I like the first title because they were running away from the cops. Your boys always crack me up! Such cuties!

Emily said...

what a funny picture. Your right will and andrew should get together on the clothing choices. love them.

Taryn said...

boys boys boys! what will they think of next ;) how fun!