Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kaylee's Party Invitations

These were the invitations for Kaylee's birthday party. I made them!! She wanted to have a movie theme, so we decided on National Treasure 2. It's a great movie!! She had invited 10 girls and we had to hand deliver these to them because silly me didn't take into consideration that the "popcorn" spilled out the top of the box so they wouldn't fit into a normal sized envelope. Gee price of postage to send out 10 invites - $4.20 . . gallon of gas to hand deliver them - $4.05 . . so it was CHEAPER to hand deliver them . . interesting!
** Note to self . . make smaller invites next time.**


Anonymous said...
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Emily said...

way cute! love them. i'm glad to see she had fun. call you later!