Monday, June 16, 2008

The second day of Summer Vacation.

Now this is a much better choice for my sanity during summer break. We now have a routine! We get up in the morning and have breakfast, then we start on some schoolwork. Yes, I'm one of those mean moms who makes their kids do schoolwork during summer break. I just don't want their brains to turn to jell-o in the next 10 weeks. (Actually it's really so I can have 20 minutes to stalk all my friends' blogs, but shhhhh don't tell my kids!)

After that they do their chores, read books or watch a little TV. Then it's time for lunch and quiet time, then they can play the rest of the day! If you're interested the books I use are called Summer Bridge Activities. I bought mine on eBay (I know . . shocking) but you can also purchase them from or at the teacher supply store in Kennewick.


Teresa said...

Your so good. I am not that organized.

Hunsakers said...

Yes, good for you Stacy! I need to take your lead and get some homework going for my kids. Thanks for the idea! We'll see if I actually implement it...:)

SunnyD said...

Coleman actually LOVES homework. He's in for a big shocker when he starts school huh? :)

SOOOO proud of you for your routine...or maybe jealous! HA!

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