Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kaylee's Party

Kaylee's party was a total BLAST!! I was really a bad mom and forgot to take pictures along the way, but I was running the show okay! We started off having the girls make their own treasure chests. My sis-in-law had some extra from one of her kids parties and she was happy to unload them onto me. They were little wooden boxes and the girls decorated them with peel & stick jewels. Then we started the movie. I had given the girls each 10 tickets when they arrived . . they had to use the tickets to "pay" for their dinner and movie. One ticket got them a hot dog, nachos, candy, pop or popcorn. My great fabulous neighbor Sandy, served them in those paper boat thingy's. About an hour into the movie, I pushed pause and sent the girls on a treasure hunt. Our neighbor Todd made up these great rhymes/clues for about 9 locations around our yards. I could not have come up with such fun clues. The girls loved it. Then we had mud pie and opened presents, then finished the movie. All in all it was a great day . . . just wish I had more pictures!!!