Wednesday, June 4, 2008


This morning I made my last PB&J . . . for the school year that is! School isn't out 'til Friday, but the girls wanted to buy hot lunch tomorrow and they don't have lunch at school on Friday. It's kind of a sad thing for me, our routine will be out the window & things will get crazy quickly!!!But we'll get to sleep in :D and spend lots of time together. I've got the kids in swimming lessons and we'll go to Whidbey Island/Seattle at least twice. Other than that our summer will be free to go play at the park or have lunch at the farm with Monte or sit in our air conditioned house and watch TV all day . . . oh wait we'd never do that! Or would we?
Nat's sandwich is on the left - pb only and no crust cut into 4 triangles please!
Kaylee's on the right with pb and homemade strawberry jam (it's not on there yet) and please do not cut into a bunch of little pieces mom, I'm not a baby.
(Which then starts Nat into her "I'm not a baby" rant . . we have to do this almost every morning . . it's tradition)


lydia moyer said...

the things we do for our kids. no crust for the little ones crust for the big(because they are big enough to eat it!) jelly no jelly! ok the no jelly though i only do that to my kids when they are in trouble! only peanut butter and no milk. it's called how many ways to torture akid

Taryn said...

ahh I totally forgot about your new blog and I have soo much catching up to do! I better add you right now so I remember to see what's happening with the monkeys! Love the cute your soo talented! and the sandwiches amen sista! Every mom in the world I am sure has a particular sandwich making and cutting style for each child and husband :)

amy welch said...

Maybe we can meet up when you're over this way. It's been way too long!

SunnyD said...

Oh man. School is going to be a bigger adjustment than I realized. I might have to refer back to this blog while sandwich making. :)

crazy4mycrafts said...

OMG Stace, your kids are getting so big!!! You know what's good about them getting older??? You can tell them to fix it themselves... I'm so glad you are blogging!! Keep it up sistah!