Sunday, February 1, 2009

PTA Reflections contest

Every year the PTA sponsers a contest called Reflections. They pick a theme and kids K-12 can enter artwork, poetry, essays etc that shows how they see the theme. This years theme was "Wow" and Natalie wanted to enter. She spent several lunch recesses coming up with a project and this was her final draft. Her work was call "The Artic Ocean". This is Natalie with the two ribbons she got at the awards night on January 21. One is the participation award and the other is the Honorable Mention (she says it's 4th place) for her age group 3-5 grades! She also got a pack of twistable crayons from the PTA. Way to go Nat!


Dawn said...

Great Job!!!! Very cute poster!!!

Jonathan and Cheri said...

TWO ribbons? Nice! Way to be creative and it does look exactly like the Artic Ocean =)