Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Valentine Treats

For Valentine's Day this year, I made the girls little tags to slip onto suckers. Some of them say "Be my Valentine" others say "So Glad We're Friends" In all I made about 115 of these buggers! They weren't the hardest things to make, but I was sure glad Colten wanted the Cars ones from the store! I thought that I was home free for Kaylee this year since she is now in middle school, but, nope! She helps out in the cafeteria at lunch time and they sent all the kids home with clean # 10 cans to decorate. Here it is before:

And all finished!
I don't know if you can see it in the picture, but there is glitter all over the lettters in her name.


Amanda said...

Cute stuff! I'm glad you're still doing all that fun stuff. I need your inspiration, are you planning a trip to Idaho soon? :)

BTW you'll never believe who are new neighbors are....Alex and Betty live about two miles up the road from us. Crazy huh?

Amanda said...

k I'm an idiot, how do you edit posts? I spelled our wrong in the first comment.... >:(

Hannah said...

Hey Stacey! It's amazing who you can find surfing friends blogs. How have you been? I'd love to catch up, just come on over and visit my blog! Oh, and your kids are darling!