Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving @ Fort Worden

This year for Thanksgiving we drove over to my sisters house in Oak Harbor. Our friends John, Coren & Jessica came as well and Monte John & Jessica spent a good deal of the weekend SCUBA diving. They made several dives on Thursday morning at the Keystone ferry landing in Coupeville and dove off a boat near the San Juan Islands on Saturday. On Friday morning we packed up the kids and a couple of nephews (Ethan, Cayden & Keaton) and rode the Keystone ferry over to Port Townsend. We were only 100 miles from Forks, but I couldn't convince anyone to take me there for a Twilight Tour :( Party Poopers they are! We had a really great time discovering Fort Worden instead!
Here is the crew on the ferry (back to front - left to right):
Keaton, Cayden, Jessica
Natalie, Kaylee, Andrew
Ethan & Colten
The Gray, Estes & Cosper Bunch:
Stacy, Keaton, Monte, Cayden
Natalie, Andrew, Kaylee
Colten & Ethan (Are you seeing a pattern with these two?)
After playing a bit at the fort, we went into Port Townsend for some lunch. We ended up at Nifty Fifty (or something like that). It was an old fashioned soda fountain shop. There was even a big juke box and mini ones at the tables. I think we spent a good $5 alone on those. We had greasy burgers and fries and root beer. It was really good!
These two cousins were inseparable that day. They had such a great time!

After lunch we headed back to the fort to play on the beach . . . it was pretty cold out as the sun was starting to set . . but they all still had to chase the waves. Luckily no one got caught!!

I love this picture of Keaton - it was really dark in the fort and I was glad to get decent lighting for once.