Monday, September 15, 2008

My little stamper

Last Thursday, after school , Natalie came home and got a bunch of my stamp stuff out. She stamped for about an hour and had come up with these 3 cards. I only helped a little with the ribbon. I like her brown one so much that I'm going to have to copy it!! she even cleaned up the whole mess by her self - that is a huge task considering how much stuff was out. I will have to take a picture of the "creative space" next time. UGH - still working with my camera settings! Sorry you can't see the bottom one - it was light yellow cardstock.


SunnyD said...

I love that brown one too!!! Nice job woman. Like mother like daughter!

Alyssa said...

Way to go, daughter! (isn't it fun to see what they come up with??? My kids LOVE to stamp...I just have to trust them to let them do it! ;) )

And enjoy the Mariners game!
-Alyssa (SBS10)

Emily said...

wow! she is great! good job natalie!