Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Saturday night fun!

Every year at the end of the summer our friends have a big get together/bbq at their house. Their kids invite their friends and they invite us! This year it happened to be a little later than normal - more like a back-to-school party since school had already started. They set up their 2 jumpers - they have a velcro wall and a bungee run. It's sooo much fun to play on them! We also had a fire in the fire pit and lit fireworks. They have a large chess/checkerboard board made of cement squares permanently in on part of the lawn. They use giant chess pieces and black/red cones to play. It was a great day!
Here is a picture of Kaylee playing in the chess pieces with my nephew Jacob. She really seems to like playing with the little kids and they love her! The teenaged boys stuck Colten high up on the velcro wall - he couldn't get himself down! I have to say that Dale & Jessicas friends are always so good to play with and include my kids in their activities when we are all together. Even though my kids are way younger than them. (Dale is 18 and Jessica is 13)
This is what the velcro wall looks like.


Teresa said...

How cool. What a fun way to end the summer.