Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Colten's first Day of Kindergarten

Here is Colten on his first day of kindergarten! Isn't he so handsome?? His teacher this year is Mrs. Childers - he really likes her. He has a few friends from church in his class - Kamille & Seth, and he is making new friends every day. He has a crazy schedule to get home during the week. He rides the bus home on Monday, Thursday & Friday, rides a different bus to the middle school on Tuesdays (where Kaylee gets him and they walk to the church together) and I pick him up on Wednesdays. Sheesh - I can barely keep track of all that! Good thing his teacher helps him out.
And of course one with his sisters before they head to the bus.
The flash on my camera was washing them out so I tried to correct the color. I think I need some photo shop lessons from Dedre! Oh and I'd have to get photo shop too.