Saturday, August 30, 2008

What's in your lunchbox?

I used to know what kind of sandwiches my kids wanted to have for their school lunch. Not any more. My kids' tastes have matured. I had the following conversation with Natalie last Monday night - the night before school started:
We were having tacos for dinner and I had just placed chopped cilantro on the table.
Nat "ooooo cilantro!" (as she grabs a couple of tablespoons to put on her plate)
Me: "ummmmm you like cilantro now?"
Nat: "Yes, Aunt Cheri made me this sandwich thing with it on it cuz Uncle Jonathan took all the lettuce to work."
Me: "What kind of sandwich?" (and totally laughing about Jonathan taking all the lettuce!)
Nat: "It was on a tortilla with mayonaise and ham and cilantro"
Me: "You liked it?"
Nat: "Yeah - can I have it for lunch tomorrow?"
Me: "uhhhhh maybe" (wondering if I have all these strange ingredients in the fridge - and wondering when she had left the world of pb & j behind)
Fast forward to the next morning . . . I had totally forgotten about this mysterious "sandwich" when . . .
Nat: "Mom, can you make me that thing with the tortilla and mayo and ham?"
Me: "I can try . . what's all on it again?"
Nat: "Tortilla, mayo, ham and garlic"
Me: "Garlic?" (ackkkkk she likes garlic now too??)
Me: "How about if I call Aunt Cheri and ask her what goes on it. Then I can make it for you tomorrow." (and knowing that Natalie will nag me about it for the rest off my life until I find out what is on it)
Nat: "Okay"

So here's what on it - I was too chicken to try it, so I'll take Natalie's word that it's good.
You mix cream cheese, chopped garlic, roasted garlic & red pepper seasoning, and mozarella cheese. Spread that on a tortilla then a layer of ham and a layer of cilantro leaves (like 20). Roll it up and cut into slices. Sounds more like a sandwich you'd find at a fancy ladies' tea instead of a 3rd graders lunch box. Nat's wrap and Kaylee's ham and cream cheese bagel.
I know it's not as good looking as a P-dub creation.


lydia moyer said...

that sounds really yummy! i want one!

Taryn said...

seriously...that's cute. I hope my kids grow out of picky eaters stage!

Emily said...

Oh man you weren't kidding! Okay the tortilla not so bad but ham and cream cheese??? Got to love those aunts for exposing our kids to the world!!

Teresa said...

WOW!!! I think it is Shauna Peters who tells her kids that they grow a new taste bud every day. Natalie must have grown a few new ones lately. I've tried that with Justin, but he doesn't buy it...still picky!!1

Hunsakers said...

Wow!! I can't imagine my kids liking anything like that. It sounds good to me though! We need to have Nat over to encourage the kids to try out stuff like that. G is just into hot luch right now, which is disgusting to me. But I gave in and let her have it because it's so much easier for me to not have to pack a lunch.

amy welch said...

That's way too funny! I always laugh when Parker asks for a sandwich that's "not just a plain sandwich" meaning he wants all kinds of "gourmet" things on it. What's wrong with PB&J?!?!?!

SunnyD said...

Oh that is so stinkin' cute! My kids would want to barf if I made them that stuff! Come to think of too. I certainly don't have most of those ingredients! :)

Jonathan and Cheri said...

That's awesome!!! LoL
Auntie Cheri