Thursday, August 7, 2008

Natalie's birthday weekend - day 1!

This past weekend was Natalie's 8th birthday! My sisters (& their families) and Mom came to visit us for the weekend, so on Saturday we went and did some activities. This picture is just of Nat in our front yard - Grandma colleen needed a picture for her talk at Natalie's baptism the next day. This is a picture of my Mom. She has Natalie's swim suit bottoms on her head. Don't ask. We (me, Mom, Cheri, Kaylee, Natalie and Andrew) are in the car on the way to go see Space Chimps. Please, please, please DO NOT go see that movie! Don't even rent it on video. I love you all so much that I am telling you this for your own good (and to save you the money, pain, and horror of having to sit through it)
After the movie we met up with my other sista Sarah and 2 of her kids Cayden & Ethan and Colten (who had gone with them instead of the movie) at the pool inside the Best Western hotel. The pool was freezing so the kids were in the hot tub most of the time.
Andrew got this towel for his birthday (which is still another week away) from my mom.
This picture of Ethan made me crack up!
There are no pictures of the husbands or of one nephew because they went fishing. They didn't catch anything but had a good time relaxing and visiting.


amy welch said...

Man, I miss your family. Seeing your mom with that swimsuit on her head brought back way too many crazy memories.

Teresa said...

I love your hair Natalie! It is very cute short!