Thursday, August 7, 2008

Natalie's Birthday weekend - Day 2!

Sunday was Natalie's actual 8th birthday - and she chose to be baptized. I'm so proud of her! Here she is all ready to go with her Uncle Michel - Monte's brother. Her day was made even more special by the fact that her cousin Ethan - who is just 7 weeks older than her - got to be baptized on the same day!
After the baptism we went back to our house for a family dinner. This is a picture of her cake. It's a cupcake cake that we ordered from Safeway - it was YUMMY!!
Here's a shot of her after blowing out the candles - I wasn't quick enough to get the actual "huff".
After this picture was taken my camera informed me "Battery Exhausted" man I love new electronic devices that tell you what's wrong with them!


Taryn said...

Happy Birthday Natalie, and Congrats on getting baptized...what a wonderful time of your life! Looks like it was memorable too!

Emily said...

That is so great Natalie! Congratulations! How great to have your cousins with you! Love the cake looks yummy!

Teresa said...

I am so excited for you! It looks like your baptism day was a wonderful one. Congratulations