Thursday, August 21, 2008

What we've been up to . . .

since my last post we've been pretty busy. So I thought I'd just post a couple pictures of what we've been doing.

For Andrew's birthday we drove up to Granger for lunch. Monte works up there so it was a good way for him to get to go to lunch with us. There is a golf course just off the freeway that has GREAT pizza. They also have putt putt golf, pedal cars, and these "kid steam" engines. We did the pedal cars and the kid steam engine and then quickly left since it was 100 degrees outside and we were sweating! It was so much better than chuck e cheese - food was good and way cheaper entertainment! On Saturday the 16th we went up to my in-laws for a birthday party with the other cousins that have August birthdays. We swam in the pool, rode the 4 wheelers, and red-neck surfed in the grass - I wish I had pictures of that! I'll see if my sis-in-law does. Anyways, here are Maeson, Haiden and Andrew with their cakes. My sis-in-law is good and handmade their cakes. Maeson's is a watermelon and Haiden's is a wheel of fortune. Poor Andrew has a store bought Cars one :(.
At this same birthday party everyone had ditched Eastyn. He's the youngest so he often gets left out of things. Kaylee was such a sweetie to play with him, even though all he did was splash her and spray her with the hose!
Then on the 17th we went over to Renton to see my brothers new house. They had a house warming BBQ. If was so much fun and my sis-in-law Kristin made some really good food!! I mean REALLY GOOD! I ate so much I thought I'd have to roll back over the mountain. Here is a pic of Kristin:
And here's my brother Craig:
We spent 2 more days over in Duvall over at my sisters doing boring things like going to Costco and the bookstore. My kids love playing in her hot tub, so we did that a lot too.


Amanda said...

Kayleigh is SO good playing with AShlynn is natalie. Looks like fun..and busy!!