Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Camp-Out - Misc. post

I had just a few random pictures of our trip that didn't need their own posts, so I put them all into this one.
On our way to the ferry terminal, we stopped at a rest area that is near Smokey Point - north of Marysville. We only stopped to get pictures with this GIANT arborvitae. The tree is dead - it had a fire in the trunk some time ago but it is still standing! Someone stabilized it with beams so that tourists, like ourselves, could have our pictures taken with it. Here we are at the San Juan/Victoria Ferry Terminal in Anacortes, WA. We just sat around and waited for the ferry. This is Brady, Natalie, Andrew, my bro-in-law Jonathan and my sister Cheri.
When we finally got to our campsite it was around 4 in the afternoon. We quickly organized the campsite, set up tents, and the cooking/eating area shelters. Colten went right to work in our tent making everyone's beds and organizing it. He was quite the little housekeeper in our tent - he made our beds every day and made sure everyone's clothes were put away!

Ahhh Andrew loved the woods.

On our last full day there, we drove to this place that usually has tons of deer that are tame. We only got to see 2 because it was drizzling, and one wouldn't even come near us. But the other one ate carrots right out of our mouths! Only Natalie, Koby and I were brave enough to try it, but I only got a picture of Nat doing it. Isn't that crazy?!?!?!