Saturday, September 26, 2009

Gangsta party

At the end of September my sister Sarah asked me to sing with her at church for their Primary program. We did a pretty good job, and had a really fun weekend - minus Colten getting sick. That weekend also happened to fall on her friends birthday and each year she has a themed party. She has in the past done a pirate party and a 50's/Grease party. This year she picked "gangsta" as her theme so we went to the local thrift store and purchased pants that were at least 5 sizes too big. We also bought bandannas and HUGE hoop earrings to complete the look and had a friends teenage daughter do our make-up. All-in-all I'd say we look pretty good! We only scared a few people when we had to run to the gas station for ice! Me & Sarah

Sarah and her hubby - Dan


Dane said...

You guys rock!

Rebecca said...

I love it! Thas is awesome! you guys look great and how fun is that!

lydia moyer said...

you say sarah i say katie! sarah, katie...sarah, katie!!! i think katie could totally take me in a street fight...yikes! i think its the makeup...makes her look tough.