Friday, July 24, 2009

Air Force

So this post is not really about us, but we were there and this family is TRULY part of our family. Our friends son, Dale invited us to attend his local swearing in to the Air Force. It was held at Bergstrom Air Field (it's a company that has small planes to rent and you can take pilot lessons there - it's on one side of the Pasco airport) Anyways, we got to look at 2 F-16 fighter planes! They were really cool. Thanks Dale for inviting us to go - it was an honor and a great experience. Thanks for choosing to serve our country!!
Monte & the kids plus Dale's sister, Jessica.The boys checking out the underside of the F -16.

Andrew thought it was so cool that the pilot of one of the F-16's name was Andrew. We had to get his picture by "his" name. Maybe someday his real name will be on an F-16!

Andrew just adores Dale!

Here is the Petty family picture from that day - Jess, Coren, Dale & John!


Arianne said...

oh...that looks like fun for your boys!

Taryn said...

Those darn things fly over our house an sometimes startle the heck out of me:) Cute pic of andrew with his name.