Monday, July 13, 2009

Mariner's Game 1

This past weekend Monte and I took the kids to a couple of Mariners games! We have been to quite a few games, but the kids had never been. Taking a kid to a baseball stadium like SafeCo field for the first time is so much fun. To see them truly enjoying the game and the perma-grins on their faces is priceless! The Mariner's won the first game (# 3 out of 4 in the series) 1 -4!! I only got a few pics at the first game, but we have the memories of it to last a long time!
Monte & the kids: The kids are in their "I-have-to-make-funny-faces-and-signs-with-my-fingers-in-every-picture-Mom-takes" phase.
Natalie & Me. I've really missed this girl!! She had been at Grandma's house for the 10 days prior to the games. She really makes this house full of energy and life - it was dull around here without her!


Arlene said...

It was hard having Bradley gone to football camp and then scout camp. It's just not the same around the house with one of my kids gone. It makes me appreciate them more.