Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mini-Family Reunion

My brother and his family decided to up and move themselves to Nevada :( We are so sad that we won't get to see them as often as we like. Before they left, they threw a great shindig BBQ at their house, and I'll call it our mini reunion! We were missing 1 brother and his wife + 2 kids, 1 nephew and 2 husbands. Not too bad for a family of 23! Here's our great big group shot: (from left back row) Me, my Mom, Keaton, Craig, Andrew, Brady, Cheri, Jonathan, Sarah, & Koby. (Front row) Kaylee, Kristin, Natalie, Jackson, Ethan & Colten. Here is me with 3 of my siblings (Scott couldn't make it - we missed you!)
Me, Craig, Sarah, & Cheri
The ride home was pretty boring, so Natalie took pictures of . . . well just about everything inside and outside the car! These are the better ones ;)
Mt. Rainier just as you are dropping into Yakima.

Self portrait . . I think that's some laffy taffy hanging out of her mouth.

And me. Don't Pringles make great duck lips?