Thursday, July 9, 2009

Are you ready for some T-Ball?

Oh wait . . . that's the theme song for Monday Night Football isn't it? Oh well!! Colten played t-Ball for the first time this year and we loved watching him play. We also loved getting to know the parents of the other players. Colten's team was sponsored by Davey's Burger Ranch. We bought matching t-shirts, but remembered last night that we totally forgot to wear them to even one game! How lame are we?? Don't answer that.
Here's a quick picture re-cap of Colten's first t-ball season!
Colten is the pitcher and ohh wait Colten (Ripplinger) is also the runner on 2nd!
Playing 3rd base.

Up to bat . . .

With a few of his teammates eating their snacks after the game.

This is K.J.( or Riley - I'm not sure!), Ryan, Colten and (the token girl), Taylor.

Now I know this picture is really blurry but it was tooooo funny not to post. Andrew (the bat boy) is hiding out behind the ball bucket. He loved helping Coach Will. I'm not sure why he was hiding but it was super cute!

Special thanks to Will Beightol and his wife Amy for their awesomeness as coaches! We're signing you up to be Andrews coach next year!!


Arianne said...

It is so much fun getting to know the other parents!! Your kids will always play together. Evan always had a girl or two on his teams...they were pretty good!!!

We always loved T-ball...have any of the kids been in the field picking clovers or with their mitts on their heads?!?! Always too much fun!

Thanks for bringing Ev home the other day! He thinks you are VERY funny!

Amanda said...

How fun!! I bet that you're glad that it's over!! Yeah! Where were you today at church???