Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July!

I love living in a small town!! It's great to be able to show up to the 4th of July Parade (or any parade that is) 2 minutes before the start time and be able to find a great spot, in the shade, with your friends! This year was no different - we sat in front of the PMH Physical Therapy Office with our friends the Cliffords. It's a great spot because it's at the start of the parade & the people on the floats are VERY enthusiastic about sharing their candy! Hehehe - ya, you know that's why I go - FREE candy! The other great thing about this particular spot is that you can pack up your stuff when the parade is gone and follow it down the street. Dress your kids up like this and the other parade watchers will think you're part of the parade! From the left - Colten, Kaylee, Sydney, Andrew, Natalie & Ethan
Colten & Ethan Lagones getting ready for the 3-legged race.
Natalie & Kaylee in the 3-legged race with their friends Eliza & Hayley Buttars.

Kaylee & Hayley won!

Look at Kaylee's crazy-long stride!!! We need to get her in track!
Here's Colten & Andrew in the pie eating contest. Colten stuck his face right in - he had the best technique. But he discovered it was blueberry and didn't like it at all. Andrew got an apple pie - but his technique was to nibble all the edges first, then he was too full to start on the actual pie! It really was a fun day at the Prosser City Park. We finished off the night at a friends house in Pasco with a BBQ and fireworks.

** Special thanks to the Cliffords for remembering their camera so that I could have some great pictures of my kids!


Arlene said...

Great pitures! It was fun wasn't it. I never remember my camera. Between all the races our family got 5 free meals for winning. Of course if there is food involved the Buttars are there!!!

Emily said...

okay so next year I am coming to the parade with you! it looks like you had a lot of fun!

Unknown said...

Gosh, while you were having fun doing things at the park playing gams and celebrating our country's independence I was busy laying pieces of my face and arms and legs across the road crahsing my bike. I think you definitely had a better time than I did.