Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lowe's Kids Activity Day

By now you all know that I love to find cheap things for my kids to do. Free stuff is even better! We found out that Lowe's home improvement store has free kids classes every other week thru the summer. Today we made Dune Buggy's. It was pretty easy for them (even Andrew) just nailing and stickers for the most part.
Here are Kaylee, Natalie & Colten hard at work: Andrew was at the other table:
Here they all are with their finished dune buggy's. They also got free aprons, safety goggles, completion certificates, and a patch with a dune buggy on it. They'll get a new patch each week they go.
Andrew made a "garage" with hammers for his buggy. I love how this kid's mind works!
Here's the crew inside Lowe's. With them is our friend Jessica. She wheeled the kids around the store while her mom, Coren, and I shopped for boring exciting things like light bulbs, cabinet brackets and hose repair kits.
We decided they were the worst customer service workers ever. They didn't know where in the store we could find what we needed and they kept hiding whenever we had questions. Maybe they could get jobs over at Michael's - they'd fit right in there.


Amanda said...

Your such a cool mom to take the time to take them over to do that. Actually to even remember to take them would be a good start for me. :o) Looks like great fun!

Emily said...

Hey I want to take my girls that looks like fun!!! I think that I would even like to do it. Is there an age requirement?? Nice to see you today at church. I wish I would have got to chat but got stuck in the nursery:( oh well call you later!

Hunsakers said...

My kids love those projects too! Jeremy and his dad were taking them & their cousins for awhile and then we just forgot about it. I'll have to look into taking them again sometime. Love all your kids in their goggles!