Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Our Morning Project

We've lived in this house now for a year and a half and I finally decided that I'd had enough of the weeds growing around the front of my house and around our flag pole. (That and we have family coming for Nat's baptism this weekend and I wanted it to look nice!) So on Saturday the kids and I bought a few shrubs and a tree and planted them! We also layed down weed blocker fabric. Then yesterday my awesome neighbor Sandy drove me to a nursery in Grandview where I bought a "yard" of bark. Don't ask me why they call it that - it was basically 2 buckets full. Colten helped un-load the bark out of the pickup yesterday and this morning at 7 am the fun began. It only took Colten and I an hour to get it done. He was a really hard worker! This is Colten cranking the ez-loader to get the bark out - what a handy device!
Ye Old Pile of Bark in front of my garage.
What it looked like before bark . . if you want to see the pre-shrubs et al you'll have to go back to the "I didn't mow my lawn yesterday" post from June 27 - the picture with Andrew on the slide.
AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Man that feels looks good!
Here's the next project . . the flag pole area. And yes, there is something planted in there so I can't just take a roto-tiller to it.


Dawn said...

hey there stranger....looks like you are a busy bee!! Dont you just love summer? Thats when we seem to pick apart our yards and wonder how we can better them forgetting all the hard work involved. Yours looks great! (Although I have never been to your house before)!Have a great summer! Dawn

lydia moyer said...

that looks great. i love bark! we have red rock everywhere and i hate it! yours looks so good.

Teresa said...

Good job, it looks great. I love the smell of new bark! It reminds me of the mountains.

Emily said...

great job! it looks great! want to come help me with mine?

Taryn said...

Looks good! I love yard work! The bark is nice...I think I might have done it now over the rock.