Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bugged out at the Library

Last night we went to the Prosser Library for a performance by Joy Aronson. She was the Singing Bug Lady! She was so entertaining and interacted with the kids. My kids loved her! This is Natalie & Colten (Andrew is on the side) wearing bug masks made out of kitchen utensils. They were part of the bug band. Andrew got to wear a headband with springs and silver balls attached - like antennae. We call them deely-bobbers, but I don't know if that's what they are called.
I know this picture is a bit small, it was taken on my cell phone.


amy welch said...

That's awesome!

Teresa said...

They are the cutest bugs on the block! :)

Lucy Heinkel said...

I finally checked the paint colors for you. The yellow is Kilz lemon sorbet (Wal-Mart). The green is bell pepper from Lowe’s. I don’t remember what brand the paint chip was, but Don just used Olympic paint. He had to do several coats and would recommend the Kilz paint instead. You should only have to do 2 coats instead of 4. Get the bell pepper card and see if the Kilz has a comparable color. Happy painting!!