Monday, July 28, 2008

Lowe's free build day

It was another great bulid at the Pasco Lowe's Home Improvement store last Saturday. The project this week was a table top tetherball game. My brother-in-law Chris showed up with 5 of their kids! It really surprised me! I was thinking to myself " Wow, they drove all the way to town to do this project - that's dedication" and then it dawned on me that I probably drove farther than they did to get there! I just never think that driving to tri-cities is that far for us living in Prosser. It used to take me an hour from where we used to live in Othello, so 30 minutes is a cake walk now. Yeah, I know we've lived in Prosser for 7 1/2 years now, and that I shouldn't think of driving times as though I still live in Othello, but oh well. Sometimes I feel like my kids should still be as old as they were when we lived in Othello too, not that they should be old enough to do things like go into middle school or get get baptized, or go into kinder . . . ok I will get back to my regularly scheduled post now . . . Here are some pics from Lowe's: Cousin Brenden, Colten, Bro-In-law Chris, cousins Kianna, Tyrelle and Maeson
Andrew with his completed (by me) project.
Natalie, Kaylee and Brenden. The only cousin not to make it into the pictures was Haiden - he was standing right next to me. I'll get him next time!